Capture the Flag is a team-based FPS game for the Minetest engine
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# Automatically caches settings in the code
# (turns calls to ctf.setting into constants)
echo Creating build directory $1
rm -fr $1
mkdir $1
echo Copying files
rsync -av --exclude=".*" . $1 > /tmp/0
# Read CSV files
echo Replacing settings...
IFS=" "
[ ! -f $INPUT ] &while read sName sValue
# Trim sName
sName="$(echo -e "${sName}" | sed -e 's/[[:space:]]*$//')"
# Replace in all files
grep -rl "ctf.setting($sName)" $1 | xargs sed -i "s/ctf.setting($sName)/$sValue/g"
# Print message
echo "Replacing ctf.setting($sName) with $sValue"
done < $INPUT
echo Done