Capture the Flag is a team-based FPS game for the Minetest engine
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unused_args = false
allow_defined_top = true
exclude_files = {
ignore = {"631"}
globals = {
"crafting", "vector", "table", "minetest", "worldedit", "ctf", "ctf_flag",
"ctf_colors", "hudkit", "default", "treasurer", "ChatCmdBuilder", "ctf_map",
"ctf_match", "ctf_stats", "ctf_treasure", "ctf_playertag", "chatplus", "irc",
"armor", "vote", "give_initial_stuff", "hud_score", "physics", "tsm_chests",
"armor", "shooter", "grenades", "ctf_classes", "ctf_bandages", "ctf_respawn_immunity",
"ctf_marker", "kill_assist"
read_globals = {
string = {fields = {"split", "trim"}},
table = {fields = {"copy", "getn"}},
"dump", "DIR_DELIM",
"sfinv", "creative",
"VoxelArea", "ItemStack",
"prometheus", "hb",
-- Testing