Hidden Service Proxy
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FROM amd64/alpine:3.14.0@sha256:1775bebec23e1f3ce486989bfc9ff3c4e951690df84aa9f926497d82f2ffca9d AS base-amd64
FROM arm32v7/alpine:3.14.0@sha256:8d99168167baa6a6a0d7851b9684625df9c1455116a9601835c2127df2aaa2f5 AS base-arm
FROM arm64v8/alpine:3.14.0@sha256:53b74ddfc6225e3c8cc84d7985d0f34666e4e8b0b6892a9b2ad1f7516bc21b54 AS base-arm64
FROM base-${ARCH}
RUN adduser -D -h /usr/local/tor -s /bin/false tor tor && \
apk upgrade --no-cache && apk add \
curl="7.77.0-r1" \
tor="" && \
rm -f /var/cache/apk/* && \
mkdir /web && \
chown -R tor /web /etc/tor && \
chmod 700 /web
COPY entrypoint.sh /
USER tor
ENTRYPOINT ["sh", "/entrypoint.sh"]