My personally used scripts
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My personally or users, our LUG-VS used scripts

See also at LUG-VS-Wiki Nützliche Scripte (German)


Script Description Show some Kernel information (supports -d for debug und -v for verbose) Convert an VideoFile as parameter in an 'mkv' container (vp9/libvorbis) Script shows the free memory of all mounted file systems beside *tmpfs traffic light colored Script to be added e.g. as cronjob, which generate an index w/o NFS and DavFS file system mounted files Add a comment in all *.jpg files in the actual and all subfolders Save some helpfull settings (not /home) and some general informatin Save the X11 logs and the journalctl of the last 10 minutes (requires root) Delete a mechanical Hard Disk (HDD) reliably to ensure before forward it to the recycling, that no old data are there Convert text from e.g. Windows latin1 to utf8 text (e.g. in READMEs or other text (not for office documents)) Example script converts WMF files in SVG to share it easily on the internet Write JPEG EXIF comment in all *.jpg files