11 Commits (master)

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ANAND 10585d0663 Nerf bandages heal reward to 1 score/use 2 years ago
rubenwardy bc46f56852 Add file-based queue shutdown 2 years ago
ANAND f0c4e19b51 update.sh: Use git submodule update instead of manually git pull-ing (#514) 3 years ago
ANAND cbee83a2ac Improve directory structure of maps 3 years ago
ANAND 2b395cdedc
update.sh: Don't pull ctf_pvp_engine 3 years ago
Thomas--S 16ba9ef044 update.sh: Move map screenshots to ctf_map/textures/ (#411) 3 years ago
rubenwardy 96ae526c24 Fix update, actually this time 4 years ago
rubenwardy 6adf818289 Fix update 4 years ago
rubenwardy b38a89c2fe Reorganise game into modpacks 4 years ago
rubenwardy 52f2b617cc
Add crafting mod 4 years ago
rubenwardy 25ea2afb10 Update ctf_pvp_engine, add update script 5 years ago