Capture the Flag is a team-based FPS game for the Minetest engine
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The aim of CTF_PvP_Engine is to provide a base to any subgame which uses the concepts of teams. Flags are a plugin mod, so it isn't CTF as such.

Modules in CTF_PvP_Engine


A support library to make the HUD API nicer. WTFPL.


Requires hudkit. Support for chatplus. Core framework, players, teams, diplomacy, hud and gui.

  • core - adds saving, loading and settings. All modules depend on this.
  • teams - add the concepts of teams and players. All modules except core depend on this.
  • diplomacy - adds inter team states of war, peace and alliances.
  • gui - adds the team gui on /team. Allows tabs to be registered.
  • hud - adds the name of the team in the TR of the screen, and sets the color


Requires ctf. Support for chatplus. Chat commands and chat channels.


Requires ctf. Support for 3d_armor. Adds player colors.

  • gui - settings form
  • hud - team name color, player skin color, nametag color
  • init - table of colors


Requires ctf and ctf_colors. Support for chatplus. Adds flags and flag taking.

  • api - flag callbacks, flag management (adding, capturing, updating), flag checking (asserts)
  • flag_func - functions for flag node definitions.
  • flags - flag node definitions.
  • gui - flag naming GUI, flag teleport GUI.
  • hud - waypoints, alerts ("Punch the enemy flag!" etc in top right)
  • init - get nearest flag, overrides ctf.get_spawn(), minimum build range, pick up sound, flag capture timeout.


Adds node ownership / protection to teams. Requires ctf_flag.

Past/Other Mods

Please look


Adds auto-firing turrets that fire on enemies. See git history.

Capture the flag

more mods available in capture the flag.

  • ctf_match - adds the concept of winning, match build time, and reseting the map / setting up a new game. Requires ctf_flag