develop #152

samuel-p merged 36 commits from develop into main 11 months ago
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samuel-p added 36 commits 11 months ago
fixed .drone.yml
updated renovate.json
f4a37b6817 Update dependency dayjs to ^1.10.6
fc2ecc430a Update amd64/node:lts-buster Docker digest to 601d279
c90096afdc Update dependency @types/node-cron to ^2.0.4
5e40531ee6 Update dependency jsonpath-plus to v6
3f9dfe987c Update docker images
5fccf8225d Update dependency @fortawesome/fontawesome-free to ^5.15.4
2ab3e107cf Update docker images Docker tags
6f0153f632 Update docker images
b4c60e2239 Update dependency nodejs to v12.22.4-r0
2e9bd462a4 Update docker images Docker tags
bdf8c4a4d6 Update dependency nodejs to v12.22.6-r0
7ce29c8fcc Update dependency dayjs to ^1.10.7
ad2614d7f1 Update dependency @nguniversal/builders to ^12.1.0
f6a782eb7f Update dependency @nguniversal/express-engine to ^12.1.0
72891676f0 Update dependency @types/node-cron to ^2.0.5
c0940e67fd migrated .drone.yml to .woodpecker.yml
915dedb827 minor caching improvement
samuel-p merged commit 147fbe3eca into main 11 months ago
continuous-integration/woodpecker the build was successful
The pull request has been merged as 147fbe3eca.
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